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    Failed to authenticate while accessing application URL

      The problem which we are facing now is whenever a user opens the Qlikview Access Point, user is able to authenticate and then move to a dashboard by clicking on it. But, if user has direct link to the dashboard and he tries to open that link (without opening the QV access point first), authentication has not been occurred.

      And it gives error as “failed to open the document and access denied”.

      We understand that it is happening because the authentication has not happened and we are trying to access a document; but, what could be possible workaround for this?

      Please find below points which we have implemented for the server setup

      • Qlikview server and LDAP server are located in different domains, so LDAP connectivity has been established with certificate installation.
      • Qlikview Access point has been modeled with Apache web server.
      • In Qlikview access point the authentication is handled with HTTP header authentication.