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    Session CALs being used before Named User CALs

    Scott Moon

      We have just installed 5 Session CALs to supplement our 46 Named User CALs. The Session CALs seem to be working, but I don't think they are being used correctly by QV Server. The Session CALs are being used whether or not the user has a Named User CAL assigned. It is my understanding that when a user opens the QlikView Access Point and opens a document, the Server first checks for a Named User CAL for that user and assigns it if it exists. If there is no Named User CAL, Server would then assign a Session CAL if available.

      We are currently using Build 9.0.7320.7 (SR2). Could this be a bug in that release, or am I mistaken about how CALs are allocated?

      Thanks for your help,

      Scott Moon

      Austin Fire Department

        • Session CALs being used before Named User CALs
          Scott Moon

          I figured out what was happening - turned out to be a "series of unfortunate events".

          We use Machine Name identification for our Named User CALs. I had my motherboard replaced last week so my MAC address changed and Server was not recognizing my machine. Since it didn't associate my machine with the assigned CAL info, it kicked me over to a Session CAL. The other user we were testing with turned out to be the only user to have been inadvertently removed from his Active Directory Security group and was being denied access due to a lack of privileges. The third had his file privileges set but his Named User license wasn't assigned yet, so he was pushed to a Session CAL. Today has been one long series of odd coincidences! Tongue Tied