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    Load sum group by

    Eduard Cabanas Gili



      I have a table like this:



      04/01/2016 10:11C00000379,55
      18/01/2016 11:00C000003103,42
      08/02/2016 11:08C000003137,77
      23/02/2016 15:36C000003133,43
      01/03/2016 12:34C00000374,63
      11/03/2016 12:07C00000364,46
      11/03/2016 19:36C00000317,95


      I want to sum the total per month and group by custaccount in load script.


      for example:

      C00003 jan-16: 182,97€

      C00003 feb-16: 271,20€

      Many thank's