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    Access Qlik Cloud App From Java Program



      We have a web application from which we intend to provide links to the apps and reports of our customers, residing on Qlik Sense Cloud.

      To try this, I have created a free account on Qlik Cloud and am trying to get access to my apps from a Java program.


      I felt that most of the articles on Authentication targets the enterprise installations of the application. I am trying to port a program like this - qsocks/connect-node-authenticate.js at master · mindspank/qsocks · GitHub to Java but I do not have any certificates installed. I have not had much success.


      From this question - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29193584/how-to-embed-qliksense-app-in-web - I gather that we can get an entry into the server using the Mashup API or the RPC styled web socket API. I am having a hard time finding examples of using these APIs to perform authentication.


      I read the technical white paper regarding security and concluded that web ticket system is the way to go. Authentication API ‒ Qlik Sense - to follow the steps described in the page attached - I am not sure what end point I should send requests to? Does Qlik Cloud support this?


      There are a lot of documents regarding authentication but I am not sure which is the right way. Am I looking at this correctly? Is it possible at all to do what I am trying to do? Any guidance is much appreciated.