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    Qlik Analytic Platform setup fails - Access to the app is denied

    Vegar Lie Arntsen

      I'm trying to install and setup the Qlik Analytic Platform (QAP). All services are up and running and I am able to access the HUB, but I have trouble to get the licensing to work correctly.


      When trying to access a mashup imported from a regular server or the dev-hub I get an Access to the app is denied: NoAvailableAccessType (OnLicenseAccessDenied) error.



      I've tried to change the authentication settings for the virtual proxy to anonymous, but I still get this message.


      It feels like I am missing an important configuration feature to get the installation to work, but I can't find any good documentation for installing and configuring the QAP.


      Have any of you guys managed to set up a QAP and are willing to guide me?