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    Text on axis problem

    Jacob Salas

      Hi all.


      I am trying to get a running total % for a bar chart. But when I copy and paste the equation for the chart and just display "text on axis" it comes out as 100% but on the straight table it comes out as a percentage (see picture).  The equation for the '% $ Win' is as follows: 


      RangeSum(Above(sum({<Year={$(vYearSelected)},Quoted_Status={'Win'}>}total_price), 0, RowNo()))

      /RangeSum(Above(sum({<Year={$(vYearSelected)}>}total_price), 0, RowNo()))



      How can I make this equation represent an accumulated total win per week divided by the accumulated total? then just have it displayed as "text on axis"


      any input is appreciated.


      thank you!