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    How to do the sheet object embedded into jsp page?Not IEPlugin.


      Originally embedded in the jsp page with a sheet object is a way to install plug-ins, and then call the object tag to display, the following code


      <object id="Qlikx1"
      <param name="ObjectId" value="Document\TB01">
      <param name="DocName" value="qvp://localhost/Films.qvw">

      But such calls or IE plug-in fact, if I do not want to call the plug-in, but to call in jsp code by JAVA related to display how I need to do? Qlikview.jar this package is what I can play the role? I see the SDK documentation, and JAVA related to do for itself is based on the CS framework, not that I want to do out in the JSP page to display results.
      Please give a suggestion.