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    Google API Mappying Layers

      Does anyone have any experience adding in different mapping layers, to their QlikView apps, with Google API? I'm looking to have a list box that I can turn off and on different mapping layers (railroads, rivers, etc.). I didn't know if anyone else had done anyting like this before so I thought I'd check before checking the Google API site.



        • Google API Mappying Layers

          What about GeoQlik? Does anyone have any experience with GeoQlik? I've sent them two e-mails asking for more info,. but have yet to hear back from them... The only phone number they have posted on their site looks to be an international number...

            • Google API Mappying Layers
              Camille ROSSI

              A you may know, GeoQlik is a software that allows to integrate mapping components into existing QlikView documents. GeoQlik is published by Business Geografic, we are QlikTech technology partners and located in France, that is why the phone number provided on our website is international.

              If you want some more info you can contact us directly at dpalvadeau@ciril.net