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    Difficult function

    Eric Hannert

      Hi community,


      once again i have a question.

      The goal is a NOSBOS statement.

      So that means Not on shelf but on storage.So when i have


      product size colour       amount      location    

      a          40     green            1           store

      a          44     red               1           store

      b          40     brown           1           store

      b          20     yellow          1           store


      and (same table just splitted for better overview for u)


      product size colour            amount       location

      a          40     green              1               storage

      a          44     red                 1               storage

      b          40     brown             1               storage

      b          20     yellow             1               storage

      b          23     blue             1                  storage

      c          12     cyan            1                  storage


      We see that

      a 40 green 1 (is both in store and storage)

      a 44  red   1  (is both in store and storage)

      same with b 40 and 20


      but we have

      b 23 blue 1                in storage

      and c 12 cyan 1           in storage


      But ur goal is to have all we have in storage at the store so people can buy it.

      So a this point we have 4 of 6 products at the store and a rate of 66,66--%

      We would have 100% if 6/6 products where at the store.


      A lot of words im SO SORRY , but how do i get this rate. I tried but i failed hard.


      Hope u can help me, thanks in advance.