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    Percent of Revenue in a P&L

      I've created a P&L within Qlikview following the standard interval match P&L development format.  The next step is that I am trying to have the next column represent the percent of revenue, but am unable to get the column to completely fill out as can be seen in the attached image.  The percentages are correct for the places where they are filled out, but I need to have the percentages for all the items shown (product cost, volume rebates, etc.).  My percent formula is: =If([Exec P&L Heading] <> Null(),If([Exec P&L Level] = 's',' ', sum([Amount]))) / sum({$<[Trending]={'Revenue'}>} [Amount])


      Any thoughts on why percentages are not all filling out would be much appreciated.




      Thank you in advance for any help.