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    How to calculate volume and mix effect last year vs current YTD

      Hello everyone!


      I'm completely new to Qlik and have downloaded Qlik Sense Desktop to try out if the product to see if it can help sorting out some analysis need.


      My first findings is very promising but I get stuck when trying to create a simple Volume and Mix effect example. Now, my customer do a lot of this type of anlysis and I really want to be able to show an example of this in my prototype.


      In the attached excel file I have two sections

      1.  the volume and mix calculations I want to be able to do

      2. simple example of how the input file might look like. Most important aspect of the input is the date which is on a day level. Now the analysis should be for full months.


      Interesting comparison alternatives (for both cost and cost/unit):

      can be last year YTD vs this year YTD.

      Last year monthly average vs this year monthly average.


      If anyone can guide me in a pedagogical way on how to achieve this, maybe with some example scripting and epressions, I will be most grateful.