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    Dedicate Sense app to one RIM node

    Phaneendra Kunche

      Can anyone let me know how to dedicate a single app to one RIM node in a cluster?


      i have a 3 node cluster.. and i would like to dedicate RIM03 specific to one app. Meaning any request to that app should go to this RIM03.


      1. Central node --- Engine, Proxy

      2. RIM02 -- Engine

      3. RIM03 -- Engine





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          Phaneendra Kunche

          Also i tried adding this security rule. but it didn't work

          Resource Filter: ServerNodeConfiguration_*,App_*

          Conditions:((resource.name="RIM03")) and ((resource.name="User Logs(1)") and (resource.stream.name="PQA"))


          Any ideas @jog @Michael Tarallo

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              Jeffrey Goldberg



              Sync Rules control where an app is deployed too. 


              Here is an example:


              In this example, using a custom property called NodeType we are driving apps to streams that match the node type.


              ABC Company - Engine Node Rule - Dedicated by app type(node.@NodeType="Personal" or node.@NodeType="Guided Apps" or node.@NodeType="Self-Service" or node.@NodeType="Guided and Self-Service Apps") and (node.@NodeType=stream.@StreamType or (node.@NodeType="Personal" and resource.stream.Empty()) )and resource.stream.id!="a70ca8a5-1d59-4cc9-b5fa-6e207978dcaf" best practice to dedicate a node if users are going to be building personal apps


              This is just an example, but I hope it gives you an idea of how we are thinking about it.



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                  Phaneendra Kunche



                  Above solution some what works but still need some improvements.


                  Created a sync rule to sync the apps that i need to RIM03, but central seems always hold a copy. So when i open the app some times it goes to central node.


                  So to overcome that for now i have created a virtual proxy and added a prefix so that i can refer to that URL to point the app to RIM03. Even in this scenario i am seeing all streams (empty) along with the stream i need, not sure how to hide streams in just one node and show the steam that i need.


                  So for now this works. But need improvements. Let me know if you have further suggestions.


                  Also if you know how to shorten/remove the extras (highlighted) from URL let me know.






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                Julian Gonzalez

                Hi dear Phaneendra Kunche,


                Our customer needs add a QlikSense cluster node (slave for enginee) to runs a specific application we creates an internal laboratory to achieve the objective, we could add the node and works fine but the problem are when the cluster opens the application because the app is loaded on central node and the objective is than only loads on slave node.

                Whe tried with some sync rules following this steps, but not works

                1. 1.       The App was publisher on Stream Called “Manar”
                2. 2.       Disable the standard Sync  Rule
                3. 3.       Creates Two Custom properties
                  1. a.       TipoNodo (Nodo and Stream)
                  2. b.      TipoStream(Stream)
                4. 4.       Assign the value “Manar” on Custom property to slave node  and stream Manar
                5. 5.       Assign the value “No Manar” to central node
                6. 6.       Creates an specific rule to load all Apps from Stream where are Published the app on slave node, this is the rule code

                ((node.@TipoNodo="Manar" and node.@TipoNodo=resource.stream.@TipoStream and resource.stream.name!="Monitoring apps"))

                1. 7.       Creates and specific rule to indicate that Stream Manar not runs on central node, , this is the rule code

                ((node.@TipoNodo="No Manar" and resource.stream.@TipoStream!="Manar"))