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    Qliksense Crash during scheduled reload



      I've installed Qliksense server for a customer and scheduled the reload of 4 apps. these apps load consuctively in the following order:


      load source

      build datamodel

      Load report 1 and report 2


      Only the 'load source' app is scheduled on time (6AM) and the other apps are started on task successfull completion of the previous apps.

      Somewhere during this process the server seems to get caught in a deadlock or something with 100% CPU load. The server is thus almost unreachable and will only get back to normal after a restart of the Qlik sense engine service.

      At first this only occurred once a week on a Thursday but now it occurs daily. This triggered me to suspect an interfering process like the backup run but the backup is scheduled for 1 AM and is definitely finished by 3 AM.

      A manual reload does not result in this phenomenon.


      Any thoughts on causes for this?