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    Send to Excel a huge table



      I've an application that shows a Simple Table with 48 columns and ~50K rows after filter and users need download this data. When I click in the XL icon, the server generates a 55MB XLS file in the QvPrint folder (it takes about 5 minutes) but the client (AJAX or Desktop) remains waiting (with the sand clock mouse pointer).

      I modified the QvsTimeout in QvWebServer's config.xml (current value: 600 = 10 minutes). Also, seted up "Maximum inactive session time" to 2000 s (33 min). Before these changes I got "Socket closed by client" in the Sessions log, but now I'm getting "Session expired after idle time".

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance!

      dd. //


        • Send to Excel a huge table

          Does the entire table need to be exported in one go? You could have 24 fields in one table and the other 24 in another and the users downlaods it in two files?

          Other than that you may be looking to rationlise such a large amount of data by more aggresive filtering.

          QV9 also has the function to export entire tables to csv in the load script (assuming you are not perfomign complex calculatiosn in your chart) and tied in with sectional reduction you could actually have the application automatically populate shared folder with csv's of the needed data pre-filtered at specified times without any user interaction.

          the command is


          store <tablename> into <filepath>.csv (txt);

            • Send to Excel a huge table

              Yes, users need all data in one export. Currently, they're using more restrictive filters and then they join several Excels, but this is a workaround to get the data.

              Pregenerate the CVS could be another workaround in some cases, but each user uses different combination of filters (country, product, brand, date).

              By the way, I tried to export the table using the browser in the server and it works fine.



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                • Send to Excel a huge table
                  Alan Green


                  If you right click on an object and slect export, you can export this to CSV, XML.

                  Thsi might be a more efficinet way of exporting large voulmes of data.

                    • Send to Excel a huge table

                      Dear All,


                      Even i am facing the same issue at my end . when i export the file in IE it works fine and when i export the small file in ajax then also works fine but it wont work when no of rows are more than 65K. . is this a limitation in ajax or something else . can anybody suggest me on this



                      Himanshu Sethi

                        • Send to Excel a huge table
                          marco hadiyanto

                          hi himan,


                          i have same problem with you. did you found how to solve the problem?





                            • Send to Excel a huge table
                              Johannes Sunden

                              Himan & Marco,


                              When exporting to Excel from QV the data will get split across sheets every 65536 rows even though you use a newer version of Excel that can handle more.

                              The reason for this implementation is backwards compatibility.

                              Excel used to have a limit for 65536 rows with their old BIFF format, before moving over to OOXML and support for more rows.

                              In order to support the older versions, QV exports a maximum of 65536 rows to each sheet when you do a Send to Excel.