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    Using area and point layers in the same map (with Qlik Sense)



      Once again I am seeking for your helpful advice.


      Here are the 2 maps that I show in my application (using method described here: World Mapping File For Qlik Sense Maps (KML Shape and Point))

      For the left map  I use an area layer with the dimension country.
      For the right map I use a point layer with the dimension city.


      Ideally I would like to have only 1 map, merging the 2 maps above, so that:

      First I would see the sales distribution at country level (with area layer). When selecting a country (e.g. France), I would see the cities in France (e.g. Nice, Paris) as bubbles (with point layer).


      Would you know if this is feasible, or if there is any work-around?


      Many thanks in advance.