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    Trigger Reload Task without Publisher

      Hi Team,

      I needed help on Automating the reload process.We are on version 9 SR2 and we do not have Publisher License. Here is what we want to do:

      Like to automate the reload process, the reload should be dependent on a flag in a table residing on SQL server.
      The process should check twice a day and should kick start, if the value of the flag = 'Y'
      The process should send an email at the start of the process and at the end of the process, if the flag ='Y'.
      The process should delete /update the record in the SQL table.
      Will appreciate any help/guidence on this.
        • AW:Trigger Reload Task without Publisher
          Joachim Rogginer

          I would do this (and have already done similar things without Publisher, e.g. reload depending on scheduler properties in the QVW) with e. g. a VBScript or a C# program which I'd schedule in the task scheduler twice a day. As QlikView has a mighty API and can simply be reloaded "from outside" this should not be a problem. You have to have of course simple classes or functions for reading from/writing to database (.NET for instance has more SQL/Database-Classes than you'll ever need ;-) and sending mails before and after reload.