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    Qlik Sense 2.2 autocalendar

    Linda Bell

      Is it possible to turn off the autocalendar function in the Prepare Data step, or to change it to use Fiscal year?  We use a financial year starting in July, so quarter 1 should be from 1 July onwards.


      It seems that if you use Prepare Data dates are automatically converted?  The gererated script can be edited, but then you are no longer able to use prepare data.

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          Ralf Narfeldt

          Unfortunately, it's not possible to turn it off, or to change it to a Fiscal year at this time.


          What you can do, is to define your own fiscal calendar in the script, in a similar way as the autogenerated calendar. Don't unlock the Auto-generated section, but create a new section just after, where you can add your calendar.


          There's more info in the help about using derived fields to create a calendar:

          Derived fields ‒ Qlik Sense

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              John Tyner

              Will it be possible to do so in the future? Right now, the autoCalendar function (in Qlik Sense Desktop 2.2.4) is playing havoc with one of my visualizations, a scatter plot where both the X and Y axes are dates. When I first load the Excel spreadsheet data from Data Manager (Excel fields are in MM/DD/YYYY format), I can create the plot easily. See the attachment "Qlik Sense Scatter Plot Before AutoCalendar".


              However, when I reload the data, autoCalendar does its thing to the date fields, and my plot basically disappears, replaced by the attachment "Qlik Sense Scatter Plot After AutoCalendar". Afterwards, none of the autocalendar generated date fields seem usable for anything, at least not in my application and at my knowledge level (pretty basic). I can kludge around the problem by unlocking the autogenerated load script and commenting out the autoCalendar entries, as in attachment "Qlik Sense Load Script After Reload 2", and then loading the data again from within Data Manager, but I'd rather understand and fix the situation if it's possible than work around it. I've also attached the original load script as "Qlik Sense Load Script Before AutoCalendar".


              Anyone have any suggestions? I've looked in the online help for autoCalendar, scripting, functions, and expressions, but frankly I don't find help helpful; it seems to assume I've a level of familiarity with the topics, or, rather, how to go about the suggested actions, that  I just don't possess.

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                  John Tyner

                  Sorry to be so slow in updating. My difficulties above, which I should have put in a new thread rather than hijacking this one, have been resolved with the help of Qlik's Danny Langley. Turns out my problems stemmed from hidden, non-date values in my original Excel files. By exporting the Excel worksheets in .csv format, and then using the .csv files with Qlik Sense, my problems disappeared.