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    QV 9.0 SR 5 (Still) Open issues list



      yesterday we migrated a server from 8.5 to 9.0 SR5. After a bad time early this year trying to migrate to 9.0 SR2 (which ended with a rollback to 8.5), I pleased to see that in general SR 5 looks much more as a 'yellow' instead of a 'green' (banana) software.

      However, some issues are still unsolve, even we're are 3 SR's later ..:

      1. Where is the "View Job History" gone ? This very useful feature from 8.5 to check quickly run-time and poss. errors of various daily productions jobs is gone w/o replacement. In general the avail. log-info seems to be reduced drastically what make it not easier thru testing of jobs (yes, I already switched on the log-function in the doc. prop., that helps)

      2. Who was so smart to program fixed windows for the 2 management consoles which don't use the full sreen ? I love the 4-way scroll-wheel on my mouse .. but the readilbilty vs 8.5 is much worser.

      3. EDX jobs for exchanging data between QV and outside app's: we used so far the 'Create TriggerEDX' -'testpage' from QV to fire a QV job - I'm still searching for the replacement and a good tutorial.

      Let's what else we may find.

      Cheers, Thomas