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    Compare rows of a table

    oliver clements

      I pull transnational data from a table that store by Cycle Date. We use Current and Previous cycle date to compare and identify new entries each day. During the initial data query I flag certain rows as Error and then pull them into a second table as ERRORS. what i need to do is compare the rows in ERRORS.


      Lets say my tables include the following fields:

      company (name of source company)

      account (account number)

      amount (amount of transaction)

      original date (date transaction was created)

      description (notes)

      cycle date (date transaction was processed)


      cycle (P or C for previous or current)


      I want to identify rows in the ERRORS table where (all fields&'C') matches (all fields&'P')


      in other words, duplicate data not including the cycle identifier.


      My ultimate goal is to display rows in the ERRORS table that are new today and not repeated from previous days cycle.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.