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    Line graph with two dimentions and two expressions

    stefan kollberg


      I have data that consists of two dimensions: (Date and Node) and two expressions ("Transactions" and "Rej. Transactions").

      I want to show in a line graph with date on x-axis and one line for each expression perNode.

      It is probably easier to understand if you look in the attachment.


      How to do this in QlikView





        • Re: Line graph with two dimentions and two expressions
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          A line graph with two dimensions and two expressions in not possible in Qlikview. You can either two dimensions with one expression or one dimension with as many expressions as you like. Your options are creating one dimension by concatenating the two you want: =MyDim1 & ' - ' & MyDim2. Or you can create separate expressions for each dimension value from one of your two dimensions. Or you can create two charts.