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    Set Analysis reflecting the last result in the past.

    Alexandre Charpentier



      The title is as it is. I will explain.


      I have a double issue with this set analysis.

      • First, the dimension I want at the end of the calculation is a string, not a number. (So I read I should use concat({.....}Dimension,','))

           to be able to use set analysis.

      • Secondly, the set analysis is a 2 stages set analysis


      Here is my case: I want the last result of a survey in the past (<Today).


      The data is as below:


      Location, SurveyResult, DateSurvey

      Paris, Poor, 10/01/2015

      Tokyo, Verygood, 15/02/2016

      Paris, Verygood, 15/07/2015

      Tokyo, Perfect, 23/02/2016

      Tokyo, Undefined, 07/06/2017

      Paris, Undefined, 03/06/2020


      I tried something like this but there is only one condition, I miss the condition to say that this DateSurvey should be in the past.

      =Concat({<DateSurvey={"$(=(date(Max(DateSurvey))))"}>} SurveyResult,', ')

      Thanks for your help. I really tried my best before posting.