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    Automatic reload issue

    Andrea Succi

      Good afternoon,
      we are working on a reorganization of some previously created Qlik documents. Until now, the loading was done via a batch running the reload via command line on a virtual machine.
      Now we want to transfer everything on the server to manage uploads directly from there. Here is the problem.
      In fact, for these documents Qlik load data from some Acces database with multiple links to other access database.
      If you run the reload manually by classic Qlik desktop client installed on the server, everything works great.
      The moment you try to execute the automatic reload by the server, it faults. The log says it can not open one of the db linked to the db that is directly opened by Qlik. The permissions of all files are correct for the user of the Distribution Service (in fact I even tried to do a reload manually using just the same user of the service and everything works). The addresses are all written in UNC format, and there are no mapped drives. We used ODBC 32 bit connection because the server is 64 bit against 32 bit of access db.
      So I ask myself if it is a problem of distribution service that fails to open db connected to other db (although loading another query that takes data from another connected db, it works fine).

      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you