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    Possible to have users select their own columns in Qlik Sense?

    Uzo Aneke



      Is it possible to have columns in a table conditionally display based on an action? For example:


      I want to have a way where end users can select their own columns that they want to add in straight tables. I'm aware that I may be able to create Master dimensions that users can use, but here are the following things I would like to do:


      1. Be able to group some dimensions together so the user does not have to individually pick each dimension. Example create a grouped dimension called "Address" where if the user selects it as a dimension to add to a table, it will automatically add Street Line 1, Street Line 2, City, State, Zip Code, and Country as columns to the table, rather than have the user select the 6 columns separately


      2. When creating a master dimension, is it possible to have it only viewable to some users who have access? As we create more master dimensions, it will be overwhelming for some of our users to try to search, so I want to keep a certain subset only viewable to our technical teams and super power users, without duplicating the apps or sheets for different groups if possible.