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    Using Active Directory and substructures (organisation units)



      our QliKView Server is a member of our domain and this domain is set in qv servers preferences. Now it is possible to login with a domain members name and password. so far so good.

      BUT! It is not possible to see qv applications that have an authentication to a domain group. Example: Domain Group A (domain\Group A) can access application A. Domain user A is Member of Group A. If i set authentication settings of application A to Domain user A, it can be accessed by this user. If i set the settings to Domain Group A the user cannot see this application, although it is member of this group.

      Our Settings:

      1) LDAP://DC=domain,DC=sys

      2) LDAP://DC=domain,DC=sys,OU=Software,OU=Groups

      The Domain group A, i was talking about, is located under domain.sys/Software/Groups in our domain structure.

      In my qlikview server lesson i learned that substructures in domain have to be set explicitally. What's wrong? QlikVIews manual does not help...

      Please help.