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    how to group a dimension with variables in Sense

      Enclosed please find a sample file that contains retail, pos qty and pos $.


      I have two variables, one is low retail, the other one is high retail, with them, I could have 3 ranges in retail,

      one is low retail (that less than low retail, say <=$3), second is medium retail (that in tween two variables, say >$3 AND <$7), third is high retail (that more than high retail, say >=$7). I need keep two variables as this is flexible and allow I could change retail range based on different scenario.


      What I want to do is to show these three low, medium high as dimension, then show pos qty in each retail range with a stacked bar chart.


      I have no idea how to group all retails into three segments. Can anyone help on this? I need it done in Sense.