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    Simple but giving  unnecessary output

    Brijesh Maurya

      Hi All,


      I have a Dimension : Date

      Expression : Count(Distinct VID)


      i want to show trends , so i taken Line Chart ... i have a 5 Days Data 09 to 13 March ...

      But  Line chart other date are also showing ....

      i have master calander created for 1 Oct to till Date . i showing all the date in dimension ..

      But i have data for 09 to 13 March ... So ideally is should show 09 to 13 March Data only

      ....Kindly confirm me why its happening.. please don't give suggestion to select date range with set analysis..

      because i am going to get another date data also... so its now feasible to do set analysis for date..


      also i tried in qlikview .. where shows correctly .. only 5 days in line chart with dimension and measures