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    qlikview sheets with alternate states

      Hi ,



      I have one question regarding the alternate states.my requirements is like below.



      i created a qv document with two sheets sheet1 and sheet 2.I created two alternate states like StateA and StateB.

      sheet1 has alternate state StateA and sheet2 has alternate state as StateB.



      In sheet1 i have one country list box  with countries as values .











      In second sheet i have one stight tablw with values like below.



      Country   company     Revenue

      -----------     --------         -------------

      India         IBM          1000000

      Japan        HP           1000

      China        IBM          15000000

      Germany   SAP           20000

      China        HP           100000



      my requirement is the list box selections i made in sheet1(StateA) should be send to shee2(StateB)  and

      also, upon sheet2 activation i have to select  value "HP" in company column value.

      for this i have added two actions for shee2 onActivateSheet .one action will use "copy state contents" with source as StateA and target as StateB ,another one is "select in field " with field company and value as HP.for both the actions i have selected alternate state as "StateB".



      After selecting country as china and once navigates into sheet2 ,the table showing two records instead of one.

      company column  still showing both IBM and HP.so "selection in field"  action is not working.