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    Running multiple tasks in one job

      I just have a general question. Is it possible for QlikView to run multiple tasks at the same time in a job?


      The reason why I am asking is because I have about 8 tables that are kinda big and instead of creating a job for each table, I would like 1 job to reload them all at the same time. I just like organization.


      If this isnt possible, I will be ok with creating 8 jobs. :-)

        • Running multiple tasks in one job

          To pull data from 8 sources in parallel by QV you should have 8 parallel sessions of QV. The answer is - one batch file with loop to run QV sessions with parameters. Something like this:

          do while i >= 0
          Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
          msgbox """C:\Program Files\QlikViewDesktop\qv"" LoadData.qvw /r /vMonthNumber=" & cstr(i)
          objShell.run """C:\Program Files\QlikViewDesktop\qv"" LoadData.qvw /r /vMonthNumber=" & cstr(i)