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    authentication error

      Hi , I am new to qlikview .

      I have recently installed the qlikview server and the qlikview desktop for my organisation .

      Everything worked fine until I enabled the security feature .

      When I had disabled the security I was able to see all the contents in the dashboards.

      As soon as I enabled security and started authenticating users against the active directory ,

      I am getting the following error message

      "You do not have permission to view these dashbords,

      Please contact your administrator" .


      Any ideas , what went wrong ???

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          Stefan Wühl

          Could you please describe your setting a bit more detailed?


          For example:


          Which server version are you using?

          Which authorization mode are you using?

          What have you done to authenticate users against active directory?

          Are you using section access?

          Which settings have you changed between 'worked fine' and authentication error?

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              I have installed qlikview 11 desktop on windows server 2012 R2 (full installtion single machine with IIS).

              Authorisation- DMS authorisation    

              Users are already added in the active directory .

              I have an excel file where I have added the group name(present in active directory) as admin .

              My QVS file is loading data from this xlsx file when I enable the security .

              Previously , when I had disabled the security feature in the QVS file , I was able to view all the dashboards .

              But since I need the authentication feature , therefore I have to anable the security .

              I haven't used section access till now .

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              Maurice Wehbe

              You can use AD Group with section access.

              Need more info to try to help:

              What do you have in your excel file, and how to you load it in script section access?

              What do you put in section application for the security part?

              Are you ok with QV users access licences?

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                  the excel file contains the name of the groups present in active directory along with the with different pages represented by columns in the excel file .

                  The rows along the groups have value as '1' if the corresponding groups has access to that document (represented by columns) .

                  The licenses are okay because they work when I disable the security feature in the QVS file .

                  Can you help me how I find script section access load .

                  I am not clear on this "What do you put in section application for the security part?"