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    Publish the app as per department

    Deepanshu Chamoli

      Hello All


      Kindly let me know if it is possible in Qlik sense or not. If yes, please guide.


      I have created an app. It consists of various department and sub department.


      For E.g.:


      • A
        • A1
        • A2
        • A3
        • A4
      • B
        • B1
        • B2
        • B3.. and so on....


      I need to publish the app as a whole ( contains all dept and sub dept.) as well as department wise so that only the respective department people view the dashboard in different different streams.


      For Eg

      1. Operation Stream: Contain all dept and sub dept
      2. Department A stream: Contain dept A and there sub dept.
      3. Department B stream: Contain dept B and there sub dept



      Please let me know if it make sense