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    time of product in company

    Eric Hannert

      Hi community,


      i run around in my data and had another idea for something i can display.

      What about a KPI showing the timerange in days an article was in store from delivery to the store till it was


      So we have articlenumber, amount,sold/delivery, date.

      The thing is that there can be 2 deliveries of a product before even one sales.

      But with diffdate i only get the datedifferenc to the last deliverie of the same product.

      So maybe create a var with the amount coming in from delivery and use this as the delivery date for the diffdate expression as long its not 0.And when its 0 switch to the next delivery date, so we allways have the right date.

      And an if,if  there is no delivery date before the sold-date i want to take the start date of the timerange.


      The problem here, again i have a great idea but no clue about how i can achiev this in the right way.

      So maybe u can give me some tipps.


      Thanks for help in advance