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    Calculation On month

      Hello All,


      I had to convert "DATE_FACTURATION" which is in the format of DD/MM/YYYY  into Monthname and Year (example (14/03/2016 into Mar-2016) and I managed to do it using the below:


      month(Date(alt(Date#(DATE_FACTURATION, 'DD/MM/YYYY')), 'DD/MM/YYYY')) & '-' & year(Date(alt(Date#(DATE_FACTURATION, 'DD/MM/YYYY')), 'DD/MM/YYYY')) as Mois_enquete_calcul,



      However now I need to use the date "DATE_FACTURATION" to calculate the date minus 6 months and to show in the format of Monthname and Year.




      DATE_FACTURATION     Mois_enquete_calcul

      14/03/2016                      Aug-2015


      Any idea?


      Kind Regards,