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    Python Extensions



      I am new in Qliksense . Can anyone tell me if it is possible to write visualization extensions in Python for QLiksense .


      If yes how to do that . Is there any API available for that



      Bhushan Ikhar !

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          Mark Monfort

          Hi Bhushan,


          I've only just started investigating R and Python for my Qlik Sense deployment and I came across this example of using Python to manage server deployment of Qlik Sene visuals - it may give you some helpful idea on how Python and Sense can work together although it's not exactly a how to on writing visualisation extensions - Qlik Branch

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            Alexander Karlsson

            Extensions are executed inside of the users browsers so... no python

            If you can find a good python to javascript compiler then feel free to write your extensions with python.


            We have several server-side APIs however that you can code against using Python.