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    Workbench support for QV9 features?


      I've noticed the javascripts in the workbench tool are for QV8.5, every time a new QV 9 SR release comes out, I download it hoping maybe it's finally upgraded to support all the QV9 features and every time I get disappointed again.

      Are there any plans on upgrading the workbench?

        • Workbench support for QV9 features?
          Dan English

          I do not believe that the JavaScript libraries for QlikView v9 Workbench will be extended. SRs are reserved for bug fixes and should not contain any new functionality so that is why you have not seen extensions to the JavaScript libraries in the various SRs.

          I am interested in know which v9 specific features you would like to see, however.

          -Dan English

            • Workbench support for QV9 features?

              Right now I'm using the Link display in a table, but it's an overall concern since every release includes bug fixes and performance improvements and 9 is already at SR5, that means 6 releases including a major version change where the workbench wasn't really updated.

              I'm also on the 10 beta which has the workbench download with the same scripts. If there are no plans to update it why is it released with every SR release?