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    Passing control between Qlikview and word

    Neil Woodham



      I am having trouble using VB script change sheets then open word and start printing to it.


      If I start the script when I am on the QV sheet there is no problem, but if I start on a different QV sheet then the QV macro wont copy.


      I think it is a problem on how I use 'set activedocument' , but I cant be sure.


      my process is first to set Qlikview as the application and the activate the sheet



      set QD = ActiveDocument.GetApplication
      QD.ActiveDocument.ActivateSheetByID "SH09"

      Then open word and set the .Activedocument


      Set objFSO = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )
      Set objWord = CreateObject( "Word.Application")


      Set objDoc = .ActiveDocument


      Then use the first set command to activate the sheet again


      QD.ActiveDocument.ActivateSheetByID "SH09"

      set objSource2=ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH40")


      The problem is if I dont start on Sheet SH09 the macro wont copy.


      Where am I going wrong?

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          m w

          Set objDoc = objWord .ActiveDocument

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            Neil Woodham

            My code to open and set word is below, I think my problem is changing sheets in Qlikview, somehow when qlik is not active (because it is .activedocument in word) it won't GetSheetObject to copy from in Qlik



              With objWord
            ' True: make Word visible; False: invisible
            .Visible = True

            ' Check if the Word document exists
            If objFSO.FileExists( myFile ) Then 
            Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile( myFile )
            strFile = objFile.Path
            msgbox "FILE OPEN ERROR: The file does not exist" & vbCrLf
            ' Close Word
            Exit Sub
            End If
            ' Open the Word document
            .Documents.Open strFile

            ' Make the opened file the active document
            Set objDoc = .ActiveDocument
            end with