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    Nprinting BUG: Print truncated

    robert rosas


      I’ve had this problem before and it went away as mysteriously as it appeared.


      We have some applications that are created for NPrinting. These reports are NOT dynamic in the sense where data can be filtered or drilled up/down. The data source gets updated daily but the reporting structure remains the same. These reports are made to print as-is. The whole sheet object is taken and placed on NPrinting Word page and printed… as a PDF.


      Many of these reports are one-pagers.


      What is happening is the first page will print truncated. Instead of filling the page you see a truncated windowed version of the report… it looks like a child-mockup report.


      I can work-around this problem by opening QlikView in maximized window; then NPrinting print is triggered. The report will print as before in normal, full-page report. While the work-around works it requires constant manual intervention and is not a solution. I would like a reason why this happens and a permanent solution.

      NOTE: We recently upgraded from QlikView 11 SR7 to QlikView 11 SR13… this is when the problem showed up.

      NPrinting version: SR1


      Note2: I recently upgraded my designer version on a test machine to version (SR3). However I get the same results.


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          Aran Nathanson

          If you're using NPrinting Server, be sure to upgrade it to the same version as Designer. NSQs modified by a version of designer should be run by the same version of server only.

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              robert rosas

              Sure. Generic, valid answer to a question that was not asked. Let's try and keep on topic.

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                  Mike Czerwonky



                  As a general guideline, a positive tone likely will inspire more people to help you.  Aran was merely pointing out that version consistency between Server and Client is necessary.


                  I can't tell from reading your post how you are creating your reports.  Do you have a server or just use a client for the report distribution?


                  Here are some steps I might take to isolate your problem.


                  Can you rebuild the report and see if it fails, thus eliminating a potential compatibility issue from creation to production between versions?


                  Since you are printing a whole sheet object to a PDF document, can you just choose an image rather than the table when placing your object on your report?


                  Since your output is PDF, have your tried any of the other templates for building your reports rather than Word?


                  Perhaps you could post some screen shots with your failed output.


                  I have version 16 so unfortunately I have no way of testing your situation.


                  Hope that moves you forward.

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                      robert rosas




                      Granted my comment wasn’t positive but accurately portrays my rough character and impatience with indirect problem solving. In the future I’ll just restrain myself further by not commenting. 

                      To answer your questions:

                      I have 3 environments each of which demonstrate the same page truncation:

                      1. Server
                      2. Designer
                      3. Development Designer which is a playpen and has been upgraded to test different versions.


                      I rebuilt the report in my Development Designer environment and did not note that in my description… so this doesn’t work. I can however try rebuilding using other sheet objects from other non-sensitive reports and post the results. 

                      Also, I did not note how I built the NSQ. I am using and image of the sheet and resizing the image so that it fits to the A4 sheet. I tried building an entity report which gives me the option of printing image files. I printed a PNG file which also printed a truncated view of the sheet. 

                      What prints is if you look a browser view of report in full screen mode and you “Restore Down” so that you see a windowed 1/4 size window view. What prints is only the top left portion of a windowed view.


                      I find it difficult to believe I am would be the only one that prints this way and has this same experience.


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                          Mike Czerwonky

                          I can understand the screen dump to a PDF.  Have you just tried exporting a few of the charts directly rather than the whole sheet to your report?


                          Here is a screen shot of my export tab on my User Preferences screen.  Do you have some of these boxes checked that might be affecting your outcome?   When copying to Clipboard, if you don't have these boxes checked, I have seen it cause peculiar output.   Of course, none of these boxes relates to a whole screen dump.  Just something more for you to review.   I have seen issues with scaling of exported images.  Perhaps something was introduced with the QV version upgrade.  I am still using SR9 of ver 11.


                          I use clipboard zoom to improve quality of the output, but this also forces you to do a one time re-size of each object you place in your report.  I have not tried this with whole sheet images, however.


                          Have a look at this and let me know what you find.  If you can upload a screen shot of a non sensitive example, that would likely be helpful too.


                          user settings preferences.PNG

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                    robert rosas


                    Working this problem in another direction, since my manual workaround does work; I’ll try and make permanent the windows “window” open maximize operation.  This was also noted in the prior release notes:




                    ----  Excerpt from prior notes, https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-13937: ----















                      • QlikView application window maximized when exporting an entire sheet as image









                    QlikView application window maximized when exporting an entire sheet as image




                    The QlikView application window is now maximized before exporting a sheet in image format. This means that the sheet image size depends on the size of the screen you are using. This also means that the image size exported from NPrinting Service may be different in terms also of resolution compared to the same sheets exported via the NPrinting application. This happens because NPrinting Service uses size and resolution defined in server Session 0.




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                        robert rosas

                        This problem is now recognized as a bug. The case number is 00726099.


                        My new solution is to use QlikView 11.20 SR 7 until Qlik can actually fix this problem in current/actual release. I last tested with QlikView SR 12 and 13 where it IS a bug.

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                            Zhihong He

                            Hi, Robert,


                            As you pointed out that Nprinitng actually fixed the problem with Qlikview at least to version 11.20 SR7, which you use. Then I think the later version of Qlikview (11.20 SR12, and SR13) breaks the fix. I encountered similar case before. And now maybe the latest version of Nprinting 17 and Qlikview 12 (not 12 SR1, there are still join bugs as I know) have already fixed the problem.  Have you tried them?


                            If it is not, I think it is better you contact support team to let them know the new bug.



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                          Martyn Lloyd

                          Hi Robert,


                          You are not alone, I have the same problem with using a image to produce the report.

                          NP version SR4

                          QV version 12.0.20400.0 SR5 x64


                          Well done for finding a workaround, at least we can get our statements out this month.


                          Keep up the good work!


                          Kind regards, MJ.