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    change url to acces to qlik sense hub

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi Experts


      I have the hub in sense and local acces ok , for example to this url  : https://musitelli19.musitelli.local/


      But i want to give acces to from an external web, is this possible to change in the qmc that give me the possibility to acces from external link?


      i want to change the https://musitelli19.musitelli.local/ to  qliksense.musitelli.com for example


      i have alredy add to Websocket origin white list in the virtual proxy settings but i can not acces from external yet


      Fernando K.

        • Re: change url to acces to qlik sense hub
          Agustín Bobba

          Hi Fernando,


          Where you have installed the Server? on a local net or on the cloud like Azure?, in case of Azure you need to configure the endpoint:


          • Public and private port: 80


          • Public and private port: 443


          • Public and private port: 4244


          • Public port: dynamic
          • Private port: 3389


          Make sure that you set the Firewall rules in Windows, allow ports 443 and 4244.


          Maybe you can try changing the port from 80 to something else like 90; then, try this url, http:// [server]:90/hub, I understand you have added the server on the white list, use this instead of [server].


          Hope this can help you!


          Best Regards,