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    cannot create new object and share object on IE (use IE plugin)

    Supada Danaiwan

      Hi All,

      I would like to can create new object and share object on IE and open with IE Plugin.
      and I do this follow the steps mentioned below

      client Side setting:
      go to settings --> document proprties --> server tab in qlkview server colabration check all 3 things mentioned there
      1) Allow server book marks 2) allow server reports 3) allow server Objects

      server side seing:
      go to qemc --> system tab --> setup --> command center --> qlik view server --> Documents tab -->check alow server collobration ckeck box
      to activiate this feature

      But when I create new sheet object on .qvw it's no response and object's not created.

      I use qlikview enterprise license , Qlikview 9 R2

      Many thanks for your collaboration.