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    Two tables field value to check

    Chiragkumar Gohel


      Can someone help me please?


      I am trying to compare two file fields value with same field name(comparison for two months) in script.


      Can some one suggest best way? Is it possible?



      FOR i = 1 to NoOfFields('T')



      // FieldName($(i),'New') as FieldName
      FieldName($(i),'T') as F,
      FieldValue($(i),'T') as v,
      //FieldValue(FieldName($(i),'T')) as F2,
      //if(FieldName like FieldName($(i),'New') and FieldValue=FieldValue,'Match','Others') as t2,
      if(WildMatch(FieldName($(i),'T'), FieldName($(i),'T2')),'Match','Other') as f1,
      if(Match(FieldValue($(i),'T'),FieldValue($(i),'T2')),'Match','Other') as f3

      AutoGenerate 1

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