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    Variable String Month Name to Number and back again

    Derek Hutchinson



      I'm having a bit of trouble trying to use a user selection variable that is a string. I want to convert that string to a number, use the number to add 1 to it then turn it back into a string to query with. Basically we want to "forcast" the next months goals by looking at what the user selected.


      Here is what I have so far it seems like it should work but I'm just getting "Zero" back.


      vMonthSelection  is defined as:



      (MAX({<[Monthly Goals.mon] = {(=vMonthSelection)}>}[Monthly Goals.nmbr mon]) + 1)

      Returns a 4. when the user selects Jan, Feb, Mar.


      SUM({< [Monthly Goals.nmbr mon] = {4} >}[Monthly Goals.dollar goal])

      Returns the goal for the 4th month.



      SUM({< [Monthly Goals.nmbr mon] = {MAX({<[Monthly Goals.mon] = {(=vMonthSelection)}>}[Monthly Goals.nmbr mon]) + 1)} >}[Monthly Goals.dollar goal])

      Returns ZERO.

      So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I don't get any syntax errors either.

      Any help would be wonderful.