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    Dynamic filter

      Hello All,


      Attached you will find a sample.


      I have 'DATE FACTURATION' in my data source which i converted into 'Mois_enquete_calcul' to get the Month&Year.


      AND my expression is:


      =Count({<Mois_enquete_calcul={'>=$(=Max(Mois_enquete_calcul)-3)<=$(=Max(Mois_enquete_calcul))'},Q11={'OUI'}, MAKE={'CITROEN'}>}Q11)


      Actually what I need is that when I choose on nov.-2015 in my 'Mois_enquete_calcul' selector I get only the month of nov.-2015, oct.-2015, sept.-2015 and aug.-2015.


      Right now, when I choose a given month it shows all the months before the month I chose.(like it does not stop at the month -3)


      Any one has an idea how I can perform that please.


      I tried many ways but I am stuck.