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    Button refresh quirk



      I'm moving to redevelop in ajax zfp-mode, to remove the IE plug-in bottleneck and I've come across a quirk which I'm sure there's a way around. That is if you use buttons (and I'm using simple plain ones), they appear as placeholders on opening up the application. Once you switch between tabs they appear as buttons as they've been refreshed. Is there a way of forcing a page-refresh on opening? Fig 1 shows as on opening, Fig 2 shows as after moving between tabs. This is the same in QV9 SR2 and QV9 SR5 environments.



      They are refreshed on entry on the server too - so it's just in the development environment. If there isn't an auto-refresh on entry setting is there a manual refresh setting…? This occurs in any model - even a simple one with just one button - any clues?