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    Full CPU usage QV server service on Win2008R2 x64 with QVS x64 SR5


      Our customer is installing QV Server v9 x64 SR5 on a dedicated virtual (hosted) server. This server is installed with Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64. When we tried to install the server a few days ago, the machine was equipped with 1 processor core and 1 Gb RAM. In between the hardware is upgraded to 2 cores and 4 Gb RAM, but when we reïnstall QVS SR5 x64 we still have the same problem: after installation of Qlikview Server the QVserver service uses 100% capacity of both CPU's. We cannot save changed parameters in QMC because of time-outs.

      Has anyone had the same problems?

      Please help!


      Kind regards,

      Patrick Strooij - Provelu