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    Active directory integration



      I have followed the directions here: Is it possible to use windows AD to automatically sign in to NPrinting 17 Newstand?


      But I am still unable to have my users log in with their enterprise account name. We use smart cards here so I thought that might be limiting (the actual account password is scrambled unless you request a manual password). I requested a manual password and it still did not work.


      I put the domain and then my user name in my user within the Users screen of the NPrinting web console. Since it saved with the correct value and threw an error with other values, I assume it is somehow verifying the account exists within our enterprise AD scheme. But when I go to log in, and choose Windows login rather than NPrinting login, I enter the same Domain and user and my manual password, it does not log me in. I also tried using the smartcard tied to my AD account with both my manual password and my smart card password, and it still did not work. What else can I check to make sure the configuration is correct?



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          Thomas Petz

          I'm running into what seems to be a similar problem.  While we don't use smart cards I likewise followed the instructions but cannot get the login to work.


          What is interesting is that if I remote desktop into the server where NPrinting is installed I am able there to use AD to login.


          I'm going to raise a support ticket.  I'll let you know if we solve what seems to be a similar problem.

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            We also had difficulties trying to use AD. Users log in on their computer via domain "ABC". We have a diferent domain "DEF" via which we wanted to give users access to the application. Somehow it doesn't work if we want to authenticate via the "DEF" domain. If I change the domain to "ABC" we can successfully login using the domain credentials. It seems that the entered domain in the Windows Logon popup is never passed to the application.


            Somehow it doesn't work as I would expect, or could there be another problem at the base of this?

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              Thomas Petz

              sorry for the slow response.  I've been stuck on other priorities. I did log a ticket some time ago and it was a confirmed bug. I've now been able to install the latest release v17.1 and can confirm the problem is resolved.