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    Qlik sense calculation - Set analysis ?

      Hi all,


      I have a need on qliksense : doing simulation.

      Let me explain :


      I have one contract with different version (one per month), in this contrat my exchange rate and sales have variations. And this contrat is based on 2 countries.


      What I need to do is simulating the exchange rate on all contract version based on one of version.


      One example :

      I want to apply the exchange rate coming from the version 1 for USA and UK on corresponding sales :


      This is my set of data :


      data_sample 1.png


      I keep the rate from version 1 and I apply it on all sales.


      data_sample 2.png


      and I aggregate all togather :



      This is the result I need with the exchange rate of Version 1:

      data_sample 3.png



      In qliksense I'm trying to do that with set analysis but it doesn't works well because the value doesn't split correctly through Versions usgin this : ({$<"Contrat Version"={'Version 4'}>}"xrate euro") .. I don't know how to calculate it with differents level of aggregation.


      Any idea to resolve that ?


      you will find attached a dashboard sample with this set of data and the data set



      Thank you.