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    Reregister qvb after reboot

    Peter Hübschen


      I've seen a lot things about QVB in the forum, but nothings seems to match my problem. So I start this new thread:

      After rebooting our QlikView-Server I have to manually reregister qvb.exe and restart Qlikview-Services all the time. If not I get the "Failed to allocate a QlikView Engine"-Error, if I want to reload tasks. The permissions are correct, since after that above procedure everythings works fine.

      It's annoying and we can't do an automated server-restart without user interactions.

      Does anyone has a solution/workaround for this?

      We are using QVS 9 SR4 with Publisher on a WinXP Pro SP2 with a Intel Xeon 5160 CPU and 3 GB RAM at the moment.


      Thanks in advance