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    Qlikview Data Model: Row or column based expressions?

    Riley MacDonald

      Hi All,


      I am in the process of creating a new data model for a new project and was wondering what the pros and cons would be of using rows or columns for my expressions in my main table. Here is a bit of background info about my project:


      • I am merging together 2-3 sources of data into one large table which will hold key dimension information like the product and day and key expression information like stock, sales and forecasts
      • I will then set up separate master data tables which gives me more information about the products/calendar
      • The majority of data will be coming in on table 1 format ~85%
      • I expect to have about 50 million records per year based on a column based expressions table with 40 columns



      Table1 file structure:

      Data MeasureProductDayQuantity
      StockProduct 121.03.2016102
      SalesProduct 121.03.201647
      ForecastProduct 121.03.201650


      Table2 file structure:

      Product 121.03.20161024750


      What are the pros/cons of having my main table set up like Table1 versus Table2?