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    D3 charts in mashup

    Maxime Dumas



      I am trying to build a mashup in Qlik Sense. All the default sense charts work fine, but the D3 charts won't load. They work fine in Qlik, but not in the mashup. I get the following error for each chart:


      require.js:567 GET http://[url]/extensions/parallelcoordinates/parallelcoordinates.css.js

      require.js:73 Uncaught Error: Script error for: extensions/parallelcoordinates/parallelcoordinates.css


      I don't get why in the mashup, require.js is looking for a .css.js file instead of loading the appropriate css file. I know that requirejs/text is already in the minified version of the require.js in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\assets\external\requirejs.


      Am I missing something?



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          Maxime Dumas

          Found the issue. In my require.config, I added the port number 443 with https in the base url. The module requirejs\text checks for Xhr and compares the port number, the url and the protocol with the one returned from the browser. Since the browser automatically removes this port when using https, 443 did not match with undefined, and it was considered cross-site. I simply removed the port in my baseUrl, and everything is now working.

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            santhipriya r

            I'm also trying to import the D3 chart in Qlik Sense mashup.Can you  send me  the github url