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    Line through top icons bar in AJAX


      Any clues on this one?

      I've removed the tabrow as all objects are on one sheet now and this corruption (a dividing line appears through the standard icons) occurs when you select between menu items/objects (a refresh I guess…).

      The problem occurs with the tab-row hidden or showing; switching between tabs (using the tabs or buttons if tab-row is hidden) resolves the issue. Again it looks to be 'refresh' related. Is there a way of forcing refresh on open or again maybe hiding the icon bar? Note the 'select report' duplication is part of the corruption…

      I've used IE, Mozilla and Safari, but it occurs in all.

      If this is a bug, can I switch off the standard icons row too?



        • Line through top icons bar in AJAX

          Has anyone seen this before?

          • Line through top icons bar in AJAX
            Dave Riley

            An old issue I know, but I've recently found this issue occurring in some of my documents (QV10 SR4) and I haven't found a more recent post. 


            The icon bar 'slides down' the page after the user makes selections, and then begins to repeatingly duplicate itself on the row below the last row after each subsequent selection.  Each row is an active icon (ie. they can be clicked), however where the icons should exist is blank but still clickable.  If there is a dark background header on the sheet, it can give the appearance that the icons have just gone missing.  Tab navigation didn't fix it for me, but refreshing the web page does temporarily.


            However, I have found that unchecking the option 'Hide Unavailable Menu Options' in Doc Properties > General seems to have resolved the problem permanently.



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                Hello guys,

                I want to hide that upper bar seen in AJAX which beanz has mentioned. Is it possible to do that?

                Actually the thing is, in my QV report, I dont want the selection of one field to get cleared and this happens if I click on the clear option given in the upper bar.

                So please reply ASAP. I have also attached the image of the bar and I am using Qlikview 11.


                Thanks in advance.

                  • Re: Line through top icons bar in AJAX
                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                    You need to locate the opendoc.htm and make a backup copy of the file. Then edit the original one and comment or remove the <div> section lines corresponding to the toolbar and close button:


                    <div avq="toolbar:.StandardActions" id="QvAjaxToolbar"> 


                    to its closing </div>


                    Note that QlikView does not support modified AccessPoints, so take care when doing the changes and always have a backup of the original files.


                    Hope that helps.