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    Excluding Rows on Load with WHERE AND

    Tom Dabek

      Hi, New user to Qlikview and trying to exclude certain rows with my load statement:




      FROM [$(vPath)\*.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is QLIK)



      WHERE NOT WildMatch ([Plant Number] , '10844', '10846') 


      OR (NOT [Plant Number] = '20531' AND [Material Number] = 'AG6604');


      The 1st part works, any entry in the data where [Plant Number] is 10844 or 10846 is excluded


      However, all records for [Plant Number] 20531 are excluded when I only want the ones where the [Material Number] is AG6604 excluded


      I have tried a few combinations but am unable to figure out how to exclude loading a row using a rule that includes two (or more)  of the columns in the criteria.


      Thank You